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If you’re like me, the morning usually comes too soon. I have to convince myself each day that I am a morning person.  The mornings are important, you need to wake up with a sense of purpose and a drive to improve yourself from the moment your feet touch the floor.  I have found a few tips

How to walk like a bad-ass.

What if I told you in 30 minutes a day you could: Get ripped, lose weight, extend your life, reduce your risk of cardio-vascular disease, and become a sexual tyrannosaurus My guess  is that you’d want to hear me out.  Well, there’s no gimmicks, or over-promising 5 step scheme behind it, all you have to do is Walk

Study claims eating egg yolks is as unhealthy as smoking – Viking Muscle disagrees!

In a new study published here, researchers claim that eating egg yolks is almost as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes! To summarize, the study states: … The researchers found carotid plaque area increased linearly with age after age 40, but increased exponentially with pack-years of smoking and egg yolk-years. In other words, compared to

Your kids are Fat!

Today, the majority of americans are overweight or have weight related issues.  This is very true in children as well, kids today are exposed to terrible food choices at every corner.  We raise our kids to eat poorly then wonder why they are fat.  People are condemning their children to a lifetime of sickness and a high risk