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No Stopping What Can’t Be Stopped – Viking Inspiration

So today I started getting serious about my Muay Thai training again. I feel Unstoppable! The Swedes have some very good fighters here in Stockholm.  Most of you will know Alexander Gustafsson from the UFC.  However, I have never walked into a casual sparring gym and seen so many decent fighters.  It makes me want to compete

The Roaming Viking, Part 2 – Staying Focused

Ahh.. The Half Kilo weight set, things are different in Korea. Confession Time… For the past two weeks, I have been eating terrible and skipping workouts.  I am writing this post not only because I feel a bit guilty, but also because I know that life happens.  Finding a routine while traveling is difficult, but

Viking Muscle Supplements Guide

The Viking Muscle approach to supplementation is simple, it is the same approach I have for all things diet or fitness related… Supplement only the basic vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and aminos that you are not getting from your diet. The fitness and supplements industry is a 39 Billion dollar market! Stop giving them your hard-earned money for

The Molotov Workout: Imported from the Republic of Georgia

Since starting this site, I have been getting new readers from all around the world.  It is always a great experience when I get to connect with them. Learning about how readers are incorporating the Viking Muscle training techniques into their own lives.  A reader, Peter,  emailed me with his own very unique training system

Viking Essentials – 5 Tips to do more Pullups!

There are several things you should be able to do as a human, one of the most essential is to pull your own bodyweight.  In todays society this doesn’t hold much weight, we no longer have to escape from many things, we don’t have to track and hunt our prey. However, this should be no excuse

You might as well be dead.

I’ll just leave that out of context for a moment…  One of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee begins “Seriously, you might as well be dead…” Every morning Bruce would run 3 miles at a quick pace, one morning he brought a friend who was much older than he was at the time.  When they

The Frozen Nordic – Viking Ice Baths

Viking Ice Baths for recovery, fat loss, and an all around fun time! I want you to sit in 50 degree ice water for 20 minutes… Sounds fun right? If you are saying no, let me change your mind. I first got turned onto ice therapy by reading some of the work by Jack Kruse.

Why your Warm Up Sucks!

What is the point of a Warm Up? When you warm up your goal is to increase muscle and tendon flexibility, stimulate blood flow, increase body temperature, and increase skill specific body movement. When you walk into a gym, you see hoards of people standing against a wall stretching their calves,  locked forward in a deep “V” hamstring stretch, or

Black Coffee, Black Metal, and Heavy Weights – The Viking Muscle mantra

That’s the secret… Black Coffee, Black Metal, and Heavy weights. If you go search the web for weight lifting advice, you will find 15,080,000 results.  Let me help you sort through all the garbage that has now become the ‘health and fitness’ industry.  Most of you reading this will fall into 2 categories, the “I

The Viking Muscle Gym Rules:

Some Gym Rules need to be set! When I get to the gym, I am there to train… Not chat, not gossip, not people-watch, just train. I want to lift heavy, and listen to angry music. However there is always that guy or gal that does something that will distract you or annoy you enough to ruin