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300 Workout – Viking Style!

Everyone has seen the movie The 300, an amazing and visually stunning movie.  One of the things that made the movie so stunning was the amazing physique of the actors… These guys were SHREDDED!  This workout was what their trainer had them doing at the end of each month in preparation for the film. Now, I know

The Roaming Viking – The Dirty Motel Workout

As I write this blog I am sitting in Salt Lake City airport at 5:30  in the morning waiting another 4 hours to check-in to a flight that may or may not actually happen.  My food options are slim at best, I have coffee and vending snack to choose from.  To top that off, I am working

The No Time for a Workout, Workout

From this day forward you are no longer allowed to say “I don’t have time to workout” The all time number one excuse people constantly give me when asked why they don’t workout is “I don’t have time…” -I have a baby… -I’m really slammed at work right now… -I’m too tired when I get

Bar Complex Workout – Randy Couture

When it comes to training for a fight, nothing can replace the real thing. Sparring, and grappling are key to fine tuning your timing, endurance, and skills.  However building your strength and muscular endurance off the mat can mean the difference between a winning the fight, or having to tap. One of the best ways

Westside Barbell Method – VIKINGMAN Edition

In searching for a new routine with focus on gaining size and strength, I came across VikingMan’s version of the Westside Barbell method for skinny bastards (WSB4SB).  I really enjoy the simple format he uses to break down the workout and define each phase. You can read his original post here. THE WORKOUT Monday: Upper

The Viking Battle Workout!

Test yourself with this High Intensity Viking Battle Workout! Row to shore: 1000m Run to battle: 800m Scale Walls: 50 Pull-ups Heave over ramparts: 50 Wall Balls (20#) Throw Blows: 100 Push-ups Run Back to boat: 800m Row Home with booty: 1000m Do these exercises in sequence with as little rest as possible.  Try to see how fast you