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No Stopping What Can’t Be Stopped – Viking Inspiration

No Stopping What Can’t Be Stopped – Viking Inspiration

So today I started getting serious about my Muay Thai training again.

I feel Unstoppable!

The Swedes have some very good fighters here in Stockholm.  Most of you will know Alexander Gustafsson from the UFC.  However, I have never walked into a casual sparring gym and seen so many decent fighters.  It makes me want to compete again!

In a previous post I wrote about how the average Joe can incorporate some fighter workouts into their routines to reach the same fitness levels.

This post is going to be different, I want you to get as pumped as I am about your new fitness goals, so I am going to post mine:

  • Win a Muay Thai Fight at 185 lbs in Stockholm
  • Get my Swedish Classic Medal
  • Run over 30 km every week
  • 12% Body Fat

I am pretty jazzed about them, and it helps me to write them out, tell people about them, they will hold you to them!

So to get you fired up, I will now post a motivational video dump to get you started.


Go get it Vikings!

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The Viking Muscle approach to supplementation is simple, it is the same approach I have for all things diet or fitness related… Supplement only the basic vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and aminos that you are not getting from your diet. The fitness and supplements industry is a 39 Billion dollar market! Stop giving them your hard-earned money for